The Simple Blanket


The DaniLane Forever Lovey Blanket is an experience for the ages. It’s soft, subtle, and when you give it to friends and family it’s sure to say ‘I Love You’. Add a clip to keep it attached to a stroller, bag or carseat.

*Actual Colors and Designs may vary. Your Simple Blanket will come in a design that coordinates with the palette & gender you choose.



The Forever Lovey – Inspired by our own babies, these security blankets are sure to please every mom and baby. Our combination of Rosebud Chenille and silky satin provides an amazing tactile experience for your precious little one.

The Simple Blanket – Understated. Simple. Adored by littles

At 15″x15″ this blanket is perfect to take along when your running erreands or tucking baby in for naptime.

Motherly Advice:  To avoid a “blankey crisis” make sure to purchase a second, backup blanket to prevent empty hands when the original is due for a good wash (or left behind at grandmas house).

Note: No DaniLane Designs product should be placed in an infant’s crib until at least 12 months of age.

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