A Security Blanket Crisis: Danilane Designs to the Rescue!

As a working mother of 2 , I can recall quite a few “Crises” involving my kiddos, but none compare to the story you are about to hear!

*Warning: if you are one of those “perfect” parents who always does everything right… then this blog may not be for you!  However, if you find it educational and a little refreshing to learn from other parents’ mistakes then read on!  This one is a doozy! 

Let me start by sharing with you a little bit about the “Security Blanket.”

The Security Blanket is usually a travel size

blanketbright girl crate that kiddos can tote around town. It can help ease transitions when they go to new places or spend time with new people. I have witnessed this little phenomenon in watching friends and family raise up babies before I had my own.   Let me tell you one thing . . . you don’t always know which item your baby will claim as their favorite

*In one case, my friend had a son who would crawl into the laundry room and  bring out one of her silky underpants!  It was funny at first until it became a battle every time he wanted to take a “silky” with him out of the house!

After witnessing this interesting bond with the Security blanket- I made sure to promote the bond with my first daughter “Dani”.  I provided her with multiple beautiful blankets in a variety of sizes and she bonded with a couple of them.  She wasn’t too picky about which blanket she had. She was my firstborn….always the easy going one.

My second daughter “Lainey” taught me from very early on that one child can be completely different from the other—- When she turned approximately 6 months old she latched on to a little craft show- “one of a kind” security blanket. She would loop her fingers through the tag and rub it below her nose when she was sleepy!   Adorable right?

WRONG!  Did you read the part about “one of a kind”?   Below is the true story of…..

The Security Blanket Crisis

It was a Saturday family lunch date! We visited one of our downtown favorites, The New Holland Brewery.brewery outdoors

As with all outings I had my diaper bag packed with everything we needed to take our two kiddos out in public! And I NEVER forgot the Security Blanket.

After lunch I could tell Lainey was getting sleepy because she was rubbing her blanket over her eyes-a  sure tell sign it was nap time.  We put Lainey in her stroller and made our way back to our car.

A few blocks down the road Lainey was fussing, asking for “Banky “ (translation= Blanky)  I casually reached into the diaper bag,……… and my heart dropped!  Blanky was not there!!! I checked the stroller– no Blanky!

At this point, I was in full blown panic mode- I instructed my husband to get the girls to the car, and I ran all the way back to the restaurant.

brewery indoors
I made a beeline to the table, but there were new people sitting there.  They must have thought I was a crazy person because I actually asked them to get out of the booth so I could crawl under the table to check for my daughters Security Blanket.

When I came out from under the table empty handed, I grabbed the waitress to interrogate her.

“Did you see my daughters blanket?  We just ate lunch here.”

She responded with a nonchalant “nope.”  (She did not seem to understand the severity of the situation!!!!)

dumpsterI explained, “It looks sort of like a rag because it is so worn out.”  Then I asked where they brought their garbage.

Yes, that’s right!  I was actually considering dumpster diving to look for my daughters Rag/blanky!

This young waitress just stood there with her mouth hanging open.  “You will understand one day when you are a mother!”  I stammered as  I stormed out of the restaurant.

As I neared the car in the parking lot, I could hear that  Lainey was in full blown meltdown mode!   Next my tears started, and I cried right along with her!  So much for being “totally prepared” I couldn’t even keep track of my daughter’s most prized possession.  In that moment  I felt like a Total Failure as a mom!

Once we were home I tried every blanket, stuffed animal, and even a silky underpants! images

I know . . .that is just plain WEIRD, but  I was desperate!  She cried herself to sleep for two days yelling for “Banky, Banky, Banky!!!”

By day three I made a vow to myself and Lainey…. “Momma will create the best Security Blanket ever!”  And in that exact moment…

 Danilane Designs was born!!!

I had a sewing machine I barely knew how to use and I sat down to create the “Banky” Prototype.

I modeled the first Security blanket after the original, but when I proudly handed it to her, she hated it!.  She literally  threw it across the room!

I decided to take a different approach!  If I couldn’t duplicate a one of a kind craft show blanket, then maybe I just needed to create something totally new and improved.

I bought the most expensive fabric I could find. . .

I chose a 15″x15″ size and combined a Rosebud Minky Chenille, with a high quality/yet washable Satin.  Next, I added one loop for her to slide her fingers through.

Lainey was actually in her crib fighting a nap when I walked into her room. After I placed that security blanket on my shoulder,  I picked her up, and she buried her head in the soft fluff.bright blankets

Lainey actually fell asleep rubbing that rosebud to her cheek,  and I cried tears of joy!!!

I immediately went back to my sewing machine and made three more just like it!  I would never let this mistake happen again!!

Looking back at this stressful time I guess now I am glad it happened, because it gave me the drive to learn how to sew.   I hope you will learn from my mistake and purchase a second (or third) blanket when your baby decides to bond with one!

Don’t let a “Security Blanket crisis” happen to you!!

You can keep one at grandmas house, one in the car, and one in the crib!!

james (2)

My sis Lindsey is an experienced and wise mommy! Before little James was born she ordered two “security blankets” for him!    I am sure little James won’t ever have to go through the stress his cousin Lainey did all those years ago!

If you would like to shop for the perfect baby gift then check out our online store at Danilanedesigns.com

If you would like to read more about the importance of the “Security blanket” check out this website from the Early Childhood Parenting Center in Los Angeles


*If you would like to hear more stories from real moms striving to be the best parents they can be, then stay tuned!  We’ve got lots of wisdom ( and laughs ) to share!


Coming soon from Danilanedesigns– The upgraded Security blanket

" The Anna Blanket"
” The Anna Blanket”





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